We love good food and we can't deny. When a grill walks-in in an itty bitty space turning up a juicy grilled thing in your face. You get sprung. You want to pull up tough, cause you notice that bun was stuffed. Deep on the grill, meat’s glaring.. and we can’t stop staring! Yes we want them thick and juicy and in case you’re still wondering, it’s BBQ we’re talking about. What’s new in that? Well how about the nation’s very first on-the-go live kitchen BBQ on a bike. Believe it.
Krishna varma Nijish Nair Arun Varma
GALLERY Here is what happens when a beautiful matt black coloured babe with 350cc of sheer horsepower stops by to grill. All this while you were busy forwarding boring Whatsapp jokes ;)
OUR BBQ TRAILS DISCLAIMER: No clickbait was used in any of our featured articles. Well, almost. From leading dailies to magazines and online publishers. Our bikes have been there.
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GIVE YOUR FOOD BIZ A GRILL PILL We get the finest BBQ to hit the road in style and you’re invited for the ride! More than 35 partners across the nation have jumped on the seat. The media response? Let’s just say it’s not only big behinds that break the internet. Good food can do that too. More on that below!
WILL YOU GRILL MY MEAT? That’s what she said when the realities of a last minute get-together dawned on her. From weddings to backyard parties to prawns, chicken, mutton, paneer and even capsicum. We don’t discriminate and neither should you. Put on some ‘Enter Sandman’ and summon a BBQ bike for your next get-together.
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